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Book publication is one of the foremost factors to boost up the research scholars, academicians and intellectuals to reveal all their studies into every ones hand. Conventionally, publication transforms thoughts into the digitized document.


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SAP offer uniquely services to support the researchers and organizers.We are expecting scientific research and International collaborations and partnerships with academic communities and conference managing organizers.


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Journal Partner

SAP adapting itself to the growing opportunities of real world to upgrade the standards of academic journal publishing through the outgrowing research community comprising authors and researchers.


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Article Editing

SANA Academic Press (SAP) supports researchers in the field of engineering and technology, aims to offer innovative assist the current academicians/researchers to achieve better throughput.



We are a commercial organization, but based on a strong social mission dedicated to the promotion of international education in the field of Science and Engineering. Through the organization of different international events, it brings together institutions and organizations from different cities in India. It publishes the research articles in the conference proceedings with ISBN and the final version of the complete proceeding will be indexed in Google book and online indexed journals with Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

SANA Academic Press (SAP) provider of high quality research publishing services to authors in India. SANA Academic Press offers various publishing, research oriented book and conference proceedings along with ISBN distribution options to others publishers and online promotions around the world. We are a technology start-up & one of the fastest growing publishing companies in India that aims to solve problems in book publishing and distribution by creating highly scalable solutions that work across the globe.