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International Conference Proceedings Series, Volume.2 (2017)

2nd International Conference on Green,Intelligent Computing and Communication Systems,
Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India

1. Intelligent Glove Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Indian Sign Languages
Author(s): Gobhinath.S,Blesswyn Joel G and Gayathiri B
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2. Component Reusability Using Collaborative, Content-based and Time Variant Recommendation Algorithm
Author(s): Senthil Jayavel, S.Kavitha, Sumit B Mulchandani, and Omsai Sureshrao Jadhav
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3. Efficient Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Combine-TSP-Reduce and NP hard Approach
Author(s): SathishKumar.M,Sangavi.B, Kalicharan.V, and Kavyadevi.M
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4. Improved Two-Phase Hybrid Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): T.Sreenandhini, P.Janani,V.Eswaramurthy and K.Jayanthi
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5. Feature selection method using Cluster-based boosting
Author(s): S.Dhiviya and S.Malathy
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6. Noninvasive Diabetes Mellitus Detection Using Facial Block Color using classification algorithms
Author(s): M.Kalaivani, S.Vithya, S.Sathyavathi and S.Kavitha
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7. Prediction on Motion Picture Rating System using Sentiment Analysis of Tweets – A case study
Author(s): B.Naveena, R.Saranya, S.Sivamathi, S.Sathyavathi and S.Kavitha
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8. Detection of Nearest Vehicle Service Center Using GPS with Mobile Application
Author(s): Muthukumar K, Vijayaraj T, Palraj K
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9. Enhancing Multipath Network routing in VANET (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network)
Author(s): Kavinila T,Kirupa T,Kogilavani B,Nivetha K, Satheesh Kumar D
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10. Parallel Resource Allocation through Newly Emerged Scheduling Growth Process
Author(s): M.B.Suseela, Pooja.M.Naidu, D.Mahalakshmi, G.Renuka Devi
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