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National Conference Proceedings Series, Volume.1 (2016)

8th National Conference on Recent Trends and Technologies in Soft Computing,
St.Peters University, Chennai, India.

1. Intrinsic Secrecy in Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): E.S.Vijay Shankar, N.Venkatesan
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2. A dynamic trust working out model for protected message in Multi Agent System
Author(s): B. Sahirabanu, N.Venkatesan
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3. A Data Analysis Model Using Variable Time-Series Data for Health Care
Author(s): P.Saravanakumar, S.Lina, N.Venkatesan
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4. Private Security System by Using Data Mining and Forensic Techniques
Author(s): M.Minumol, S.Sivakumar, S.Brindha
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5. Secure Scheme for Shared Data with Key Pair model over Encrypted Cloud Data
Author(s): R. Thangapushpam, Jisha Liju Daniel, N.Venkatesan
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6. Detecting Malicious Nodes In MANETs Under Grayhole/Collaborative Blackhole Attacks
Author(s): T.MarySanthaPriya, S.Vasantha, R. Latha
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7. Analysis of Defensive Data Transmission with Reduced Energy Expenditure in Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): V.Vijayalakshmi, K.Simon, N.Venkatesan
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8. Network Capacity Problems in Mobile Phones
Author(s): B.Chithra, R.Latha
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9. Robust Deep Packet Inspection Traffic Classification
Author(s): Ramya Mythily.U, S.Gowri, S.Brindha
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10. Integro: Leveraging Victim Prediction For Robust Fake Account Detection in OSNs
Author(s): R.Visalatchi, K.Simon, S.Brindha
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